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Optimal pressure for highest quality

In an offset printing machine, the required contact pressure between a rubber blanket and the counter-pressure cylinder, on the one hand, and the printing plates and rubber cylinders on the other hand, must be created through auxiliary means. These consist of underpacking sheets, which are positioned under the printing plate and rubber blanket. This makes an adaptation to almost any printing stock possible. The result: An optimal contact pressure with all printing stock! Solusi only offers underpacking sheets of the highest quality that have been calibrated and prepared against humidity.

The thickness is what counts

Calibrated underpacking sheets are compressed to a minimum of their volume during manufacture. The 0.30 mm underpacking cardboard provided by Solusi is, for instance, manufactured as raw cardboard with a strength of 0.45 mm, which is subsequently pressed together to a thickness of 0.30 mm. Since the pressure used in this process is higher than that occurring during printing, the installed and calibrated underpacking sheet cannot settle anymore.


A thorough impregnation of the underpacking sheet clearly offers a better protection against swelling. Because sheets, where only the surface has been waxed, will absorb a dampening solution or chemicals at the cut edges. Rubber blankets under vacuum, foils or strongly calendered papers, cannot meet these special requirements in the long term. Calibrated underpacking sheets from Solusi are the perfect accessory that provide full protection against humidity!

Solusi offer includes calibrated underpacking sheets, compressible underpacking sheets, self-adhesive underpacking foils and more.


1030 x 795 x 0.10mm, colour : GRAIN

1030 x 795 x 0.15mm, colour : BROWN

1030 x 795 x 0.20mm, colour : GREEN

1030 x 795 x 0.25mm, colour : GOLD

1030 x 795 x 0.30mm, colour : LEMON

1030 x 795 x 0.40mm, colour : BLUE